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PremierOne is Motorola Solutions' powerful suite of CAD, Mobile, Records and Jail applications specifically designed for the public safety environment.

Maximize the Minute When Lives are on the Line
Hours of routine punctuated by moments of intense action. That's often what it's like on the street. It's often what it's like in the command center, too. With no advance notice call takers, dispatchers and first responders must respond to a variety of difficult and dangerous situations correctly, safely and in a matter of seconds.

Seconds Count
The enemy is wasted time. Both in the command center and field it's crucial that up-to-the-minute information from 9-1-1 calls, text messages and multimedia are rapidly provided to the right resources at the right time. A response can be jeopardized if critical details are hard to find and historical information is not easily accessed – limiting productive collaboration.

Save Seconds to Save Lives
Take your operations to the next level today, while laying the foundation for the future. PremierOne™ fully integrates next generation 9-1-1 with console functionality directly into CAD, while extending information access to first responders. Collaboration is maximized, by connecting dispatchers and field personnel in real-time and optimizing interoperability with other agencies, systems and databases. The result is enhanced information flow for improved response, safety and incident resolution. When lives are on the line, rely on the speed of intuition to simplify workflows for effective incident management – so you can maximize the minute.

Timely Capture of Information
Streamline the capture, correlation and real-time distribution of mission-critical information for improved dispatch decision making and increased responder awareness and safety.

Dispatch the Right Resources
Quickly make the right decisions regarding the incident from available information – dispatching teams and resources to the scene.

Accurate, Informed Response
Timely information for first responders as the incident unfolds is critical to maximizing every minute on scene and ultimately controlling and closing out an incident.

Document and Resolve
To close a case is not enough. Document, secure, and retain information for court cases and to aid with future incidents.


Emergencies occur every second, every day. Citizens count on you to be there when they call for help – no matter what form that “call” may take. Wireless calls and new sources of information – texts, photos and video – are flooding into Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) and Command Centers everywhere. The need for a smarter way to handle this information has never been greater.

PSAPs and command centers need robust, integrated tools to answer the call for help. PremierOne™ Next-Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) Call Control lets you capture, associate and share new sources of information easily, significantly streamlining workflows. Greater visibility helps operationalize the data that surrounds you. Saving time and protecting lives.


PremierOne® CAD
First responders can be in danger at any moment of any day. Whatever the situation, public safety operations depend on immediate access to the best information available. Saving time and lives.

PremierOne Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) incident and resource management system is transforming public safety and dispatch operations. It streamlines the capture, correlation and real-time distribution of mission-critical information for improved dispatch decision making and increased responder awareness and safety.

Identify and Send Available Resources
When seconds count and information is flowing quickly, concentrate on the situation at hand – bring together voice, data and video information for a complete operational view – optimizing real-time decision making.

Improve Incident Outcomes
Ensure responders have better intelligence upfront – location history, live surveillance video, building plans, suspect photos and rap sheets – distributed at the same time units are dispatched.


PremierOne™ Handheld keeps your responders connected with mission-critical data on their iOS and Android-powered smartphones or tablets. This purpose-built mobile application lets officers and firefighters quickly and securely look up critical details about people, property, vehicles and incidents while on the move. When Integrated with PremierOne CAD & Mobile, PremierOne Handheld extends command to the front line by bringing mapping, incident updates, and dispatch capabilities to the field, enabling responders to better manage their operations on the go.

No matter where they are – in their car, or on foot, bicycle, horseback or motorcycle this mobile application lets officers collaborate in real time and control their access to critical data, improving situational awareness and response time.

Spillman Flex Mobile Police Response & Reporting

PremierOne™ Mobile software enables public safety personnel to assess and prepare for a situation while en route to the scene. Information is accessible from multiple applications and platforms, increasing first responder situational awareness and enhancing interoperability and information sharing.

PremierOne Mobile delivers critical multimedia information, optimized for the mobile environment. It goes far beyond extending CAD data to the field – synthesizing all critical information into actionable intelligence and delivering a single operational view of the situation at hand.

Fully Functional Mobile Office
You know how important it is to keep “feet on the street” and improve operational efficiencies. But there are administrative tasks that need to get done. Public safety agencies can take field operations to new levels of efficiency and safety with PremierOne Mobile by transforming the work environment and providing a fully functional mobile office in each vehicle including full incident management functionality.

Single-Touch Access
When a first responder receives a dispatch notification, one touch of the screen acknowledges the incident, sets the status to “en route,” alerts dispatch to the officer's location and provides a full view of incident details.

The system also provides multi-agency status monitoring and mapping, allowing users to track incident and response statuses in real time. In an emergency, a single screen touch initiates notifications to dispatch, fellow officers and the closest units from other agencies that help is needed.

Spillman Flex Mobile Police Response & Reporting

PremierOne Records simplifies your data collection process, regardless of where your data is coming from or what format it is. With the move to NIBRS, PremierOne Records helps your agency overcome the new complexities associated with managing the influx of information and streamline the case closure process for detectives, analysts and other agency personnel.

Why choose PremierOne® Records?

Scalable & Robust
PremierOne Records is designed for even the largest agencies to have everything they need right at their fingertips. It is built on a scalable architecture and can grow with your agency, maximizing your overall return on investment. Using a foundation of Microsoft®.NET technology, you can easily adopt new features and functionality, expand your user base or even increase the number of agencies on your system.

Highly Configurable
Records staff know all too well that change can be costly. Most available records solutions force departments to settle for standard applications or purchase external services to customize the applications when processes and workflows need to be updated. PremierOne Records uniquely solves this problem with the Advanced Configuration Tool (ACT). ACT allows your agency administration or IT personnel to create agency-specific changes, from a simple field to an entire module, without additional service fees, licensing fees or expensive custom coding.

Completely Secure
Confidently use PremierOne Records knowing all logins, auditing, password complexity, expiration, and more are compliant with the CJIS Security Policy. PremierOne Records employs both FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption algorithms and Bitlocker, with the additional ability to support two-factor authentication.


When dispatchers and supervisors are provided with more information, they can make better decisions, respond more quickly, and coordinate their efforts more effectively. It's important to know the exact location of responders not only to ensure their safety but also the safety of the community.

Receive real-time information about the GPS location and status of field personnel plotted on a map with the PremierOne Responder Location. Accurate responder location can improve response time and officer safety.

Integrating Powerful Platforms
Real-time location information from the field flows across the operation resulting in improved responses, awareness and responder safety when you leverage the combination of the PremierOne™ Smart Public Safety Solutions, ASTRO® 25 Voice and Integrated Data systems and GPS-equipped radios.

Quick View Mapping
PremierOne mapping creates a real-time view of resources and active incidents for a complete picture of organizational deployment, heightened awareness and robust incident and unit management. Configurable map icons provide at-a-glance visual indicators to confirm if a resource is in or out of their vehicle, as well as their location and agency type.



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