DAS, or distributed antenna system, is a network of antennas typically installed within a building to provide reliable and high quality radio coverage indoors. iDAS for indoor DAS and oDAS for outdoor DAS may also be used. oDAS is typically a network of antennas on lampposts to enhance radio coverage where radio tower or rooftop antenna systems are prohibited. The term DAS evolved from cellular network operators providing in-building service enhancements or ISE around the year 2000. This application note will address PS-DAS or public safety distributed antenna systems. PS-DAS provides high quality indoor radio coverage for police, fire, and emergency medical personnel responding to an incident. PS-DAS are becoming more common in office towers, residential high rise properties, schools, government buildings, hospitals, hotels, transit systems, and public venues throughout the world.

Legislation and Authorities with Jurisdiction (AHJ) are demanding that all new construction have dedicated public safety distributed antenna systems installed, in order to be granted a certificate of occupancy or CO. Buildings that undergo heavy renovation and expansion may also need a PS-DAS. The PS-DAS is a dedicated network and independent of a building’s ubiquitous cellular radiotelephone and Wi-Fi coverage. It would be best to go with care and caution and meet with your AHJ and confirm the PS-DAS requirements.

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